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Bench Mettus BQ

MettusBQ metal detector is a micro-processed device, bench shape, used in prison systems for corporal cavities review. This equipment has sensibility digital adjustment with 10 levels, sound and light warning with indicative bar.


Height: 46 cm.
Width: 36 cm.
Depth: 30 cm.

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  • MDF structure, high resistance, rectangular shape;
  • Polycarbonate control panel;
  • Turn on/off switch on control panel;
  • Digital/micro-processed technology;
  • Sensibility digital adjustment with 10 levels, by key touch and with no analogical potentiometer use;
  • It detects magnetic, non-magnetic metal and ferrous and non-ferrous metal;
  • Hig immunity to electromagnetic interferences;
  • High sensibility without human body influence;
  • Sound and lighting warning;
  • Side lighting bar to a better detection visualization;
  • Detection continuous warning. It has the capacity to emit the detection warning during all period which metal is present to the interception field, without having to move it;
  • Automatic energy source from 90 to 240Vca;
  • Do not interfere with pacemakers, pregnant and other users;
  • 12 months warranty;