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Mettus AT

MettusAT metal detectors were designed with the purpose of intercept small metallic parts which contaminate products at the most varied applications. These devices are elaborated with high quality standard, giving excellent stability and reliability.

Also, these micro-processed equipments with advanced technology and digital adjustments of several patterns, assure highly uniformity of detection. 

MettusAt detector is appropriate to industries which follow HACCP system as well as the ones which are looking for a better quality of its products.

Main applications: Food products inspection, petroleum industry products inspection, textile, pharmaceutical, among others. It is also used on machines and equipments protection, e.g., mills and splinters.

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. Stainless-steel or carbon-steel structure with epoxy painting.
. Stainless finishing with spheres jet, brushed or polished.
. Protection grade: IP64.
. Failure monitoring system.
. Product effect compensation.
. Ferrous and non-ferrous metal detection capacity.
. Polycarbonate panel with programming keyboard and crystal liquid display with Backlight.
. Three languages programming: Portuguese, English and Spanish.
. Turn on, turn off and programming commands protected by password with six digits.
. Metal detection lighting sign and buzzer.
. Metallic volume indicator active on the screen.
. Advanced programming with more than 20 functions.
. Record and visualization of the last 100 events with date and time occurrence.
. Rejection time programming in 2 stages, delay and rejection period.
. Two outlets with NA/NF contacts.
. Electric voltage in 110/220Vca or 90-240Vca, 50/60Hz.


. Conveyor belt.
. Rejection mechanism
. Remote panel
. Data collection interface