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Walk Through Mettus DX and DXC

Mettus DX and Mettus DXC walk through metal detectors were developed with advanced technology and are manufatured following the requirements and procedures defined by NBR ISO 9001:2008 standards.

The equipments have signals digital processing techniques which give them functioning reliability and a high noise immunity.

Microprocessed devices with advanced programming having digital adjustments functions from several parameters, assuring high equality and detection discrimination, added to an excellent stability.

Easy maintenance equipments, formed by only one module, which eases, in one eventuality, a quick replacement to a low cost.

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Digital technology with microprocessed electronic and non-volatile memory.
Luminous and sound detection warning with volume, tone and time adjustments.
Control panel integrated with:
Liquid cristal display with backlight (2 lines and 16 characters)
Detection sound warning buzzer.
Turned on indicator led.
Detection indicator leds.
Metallic body indicator active on the display (LCD).
Detection equality in all portal internal area.
It detects magnetic and non-magnetic metals with adjustable discriminative.
Excellent distinction between personal objects and guns.
Programming command protected by two passwords with 6 digits.
PC communication possibility for remote programming.
Three programming languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.
Sensibility with 100 programming levels.
It has 20 operation channels, allowing one more apparatus to be installed at the same environment, totaly leaned and with no interconnection cables necessity.
Auto-adjustment system by object sampling.
Failure monitoring system and anti-sabotage system.
Detection counter.
Manufactured according to rules NILECJ 0601-00 levels 1, 2, and 3, and NBR5410 (safety items).
Risk-free to pacemakers holders, vital support system, pregnant women and storage mídia (Cd’s, disks, vídeo tapes, magnetic cards and similars)
High immunity to external electromagnetic interferences.
Power 100 to 240Vca; 30VA.
Operation temperature of -10°C to +60°C.
Humidity from 0 to 95% with no condensation.
Auxiliary output with NA/NF contacts.

Local or remote programming with the chance of PC connection
MettusNET software for monitoring and remote programming.
Passages counter by optical sensors with statistical calculate.
Programming remote control.
Carbon steel structure (only for MettusDX model, version MettusDXF)
Covering for usage in external environments, with IP64 protection degree.(MettusDX/WP version)
Runners to easy displacement (only for MettusDX model).

Metal Detector MettusDX Model.
Antennas in panel style.
Plastic attachment basis on the ground and waterproof.

Metal detector MettusDXC Model

Rounded style antennas and made by PVC.
Carbon steel basis, with electrostatic painting, ground attachment.